Thursday, December 02, 2010

Various changes in WoW 4.0.3a and beyond

Finally spent some time in World of Warcraft today. My goal was to grab all the pets I would need to fill out Zee's Logical Pet Usage Flowchart. During my travels, I noticed a few interesting things that Google didn't help me out with.

Flight points
Cataclysm added lots of new flight points to nearly every zone in the old world. So I immediately fired up Google to look for a comprehensive listing of them. And came up dry. Turns out, Blizzard now shows you every flight point directly in-game on the zone maps. The icon looks sort of like a foot with wings. Blue means Alliance only, red means Horde only, and the neutral flight points are sort of... neutral colored.

Hunters need to grab tons of pets to stay competitive in the new WoW. With the expanded 20-slot stable, combined with hunter pets being given nearly every important raid buff and debuff in the game (yes, including Heroism/Bloodlust), today's hunter really needs a comprehensive collection. As of today, a few days before the release of Cataclysm, it's possible to obtain every hunter pet buff in the game except that given by the Shale Spider, a new type of pet found only in Deepholm. The Shale spider gives out the much-needed 5% to all stats buff, otherwise known as Blessing of Kings/Mark of the Wild.

My personal favorite new pet type in Cataclysm is the red fox. These awfully cute creatures happen to belong to the wolf family. I named mine Robin, because he reminds me of the Robin Hood character in Disney's old animated movie. Today I headed out to grab myself a fox, but to my surprise, the Fox Cubs in Redridge are no longer tamable! After a quick trip to Petopia, I hoofed it up to Loch Modan to pick one up (also grabbing the new flight point at Farstrider Lodge while I was there). If you're hankering for the red fox skin, you'll need to do the same.

There's a new rep for both Alliance and Horde this expansion -- worgen and goblin. I popped into Darnassus to grab the new flight point just inside the portal from Rut'theran Village, and happened upon a new pair of quartermasters. The Gilneas Quartermaster was happy to furnish me with a Gilneas Tabard. This tabard gives you Gilneas reputation when you fight in any Classic, WotLK, or Cataclysm dungeons (but not Outland dungeons, by design according to Blizzard).

So I got to thinking -- couldn't I just runecloth my way to exalted with Gilneas? After all, I am tantalizingly close to the new 45 Exalted Reputations achievement -- why wait? But after casting about Darnassus for several minutes looking for the elusive cloth donation guy, I came up empty handed. Turns out runecloth donations are out in Cataclysm, in favor of the new tabard method. Oh, well, you can't get everything for free. Guess they need more stuff to keep us doing the new Heroic Deadmines until we're blue in the face!

That's it for now, but I'm sure there's plenty more to see and do in the shattered World of Warcraft. Until next time!

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